TEECS Lego Robotics Team students participated in the iLearn Schools Make Things Happen Festival last Saturday. The vision of the festival is to create a community where members see themselves as proactive producers who are creative, take action, and “make things happen”.

We would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the Can Challenge this year. The Green Team went to the Klein Recycling-2156 Camplain Road Hillsboro last week. As a whole school we collected 35 pound of cans and we earned the school $13.30. Great Job.

TEECS celebrated Earth Day with launching off our Bottle Cap Contest ! Here is how it works:  students are to collect recyclable bottle caps and bring them to their H.R class.  On May 31st the caps will be collected and counted.  The class with the most bags filled of caps will win a ice cream party.  

On Thursday TEECS held their annual PARCC Pep Rally for grades 6th and 7th. We started off the assembly with a few motivational speeches from our fellow teachers. They spoke about PARCC preparation and motivation. Then the students went outside to play Soccer, basketball and participate in our Paint Party. They students then enjoyed some snacks while back in H.R. They had lots of fun and we know they ALL will do great in PARCC next week. !!

TEECS  is proud to announce that as part of the NASA's  Student Spaceflight Experiment's Program (SSEP), school's experiment - Evaporation Investigation was sent to  International Space Station successfully aboard  Odyssey II, the SSEP Mission 7 Payload on April 8, 4:43 pm ET.