On Saturday, June 3rd, TEECS held their 1st Innovation Day Fair. The purpose of the Innovation Day was to provide students with the opportunity to showcase any work they excelled in during the school year from any subject area. Although the primary focus of the Innovation Day was to display a student’s best work from the school year, students who attended were also given the opportunity to earn credit for participation.

Ready for challenges, innovations, experiments by young scientists? Here you go...explore and get the feeling of being a part of an audience whom young scientists of grades 3rd and 4th presented their Innovative science fair projects and prototypes. Students enjoyed the opportunity to present their projects supported with exciting demonstrations and display aids.

On May 26th, 1st and 2nd grade had their Science Fair in the cafeteria. All grades were able to go visit their projects and see what they all worked on. All the students did an amazing job and its apparent that we have many future scientists, inventors, and engineers in our school. Great job everyone!

On May 25th TEECS celebrated National Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day is a charity event that is held nationwide. The money that TEECS raised went toward the charity. Red Nose Day was establish to help raise money for children in poverty. Students that brought in $2.00 were able to dress down in red and received a Red Nose to wear ! Thank you to all that donated.

On Friday April 28th, TEECS held a PARCC Pep Rally of grades 3-8. These grades will be participating in PARCC over the next two weeks. We allowed these grades to dress down and enjoy a afternoon of relaxation before PARCC.

On May 25th, TEECS held their annual Field Day at Colonial Park. All the students had a blast playing sports, relaxing with friends and enjoying a yummy lunch ! In the evening we held our Spring Concert. All grades performed songs from various artists. The band performed as well as Glee Club. All the students did a great job ! A big thank you to Ms. Sandman who worked with all the children this year as well as coordinating this concert.

On April 26th to May 1st, TEECS robotics team attended the Infomatrix International Robotics Competition in Romania. Six of our students, four parents and Mr. Whitehead all attended.

TEECS Robotics team competed with 48 countries and more than 400 students all around the world. The areas were in Lego Line Follower, Lego Sumo, Arduino Line Follower and Arduino Mini Sumo categories.

On Monday 5/15 the volleyball team played a tough game with a lost against Philip's Academy (25-8, 25-18). On Tuesday 5/16 the team played against College Achieve with a win (22-4, 22-9)! Another win was earned last Wednesday 5/17 against TEAM Academy. (22-25, 25-20, 25-21) WAY TO GO TEECS!!