On November 7th and November 8th, TEECS held their 1st quarter awards ceremony for grades K - 5 and 6-8.  Students were handed their awards and certificates for the first quarter.  Thank you to all the parents and teachers for their support and guidance this quarter. 

This year, TEECS is participating in an exciting research study investigating the implementation and impacts of a professional learning series for teachers teaching in kindergarten through third grade throughout the state of New Jersey. This study, conducted by researchers at the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) at Rutgers University in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Education, aims to improve the quality of teaching practices in early elementary school across the state.

The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) conducts academic research to inform policy supporting high-quality, early education for all young children. Such education promotes the physical, cognitive and social development needed for children to succeed in school and later life.

Participation in this project will provide TEECS a  no-cost professional learning opportunities for kindergarten through third grade teachers. Participation in this project also enables our district to be represented in the study sample to describe classrooms in kindergarten through third grade in the state of NJ.

All research is confidential. Any information collected on children and teachers is kept confidential by the research team at NIEER. All procedures are reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (a committee that reviews research studies to protect research participants) at Rutgers University. If a report of this study is published or the results are presented at a professional conference, only group results will be stated, no individual results will be shared at any time outside of the research team.


On October 28th, 2017. TEECS Math Counts Team participated in a competition at Princeton University. There were 180 students from all 6th to 8th grade participating at the Competition. TEECS Math Counts Team member Tushar  Mohan earned the 1st Place in the All Grade Categories. Congratulations to Tushar and all the team members.

Math Contest is a nationwide math coaching and competition program for middle-school students. Math Contest promotes student interest in math by making math achievement challenging, exciting, and prestigious.

On Sept 22nd, TEECS held their 1st Green Day from 8-11.  The theme this month was Light Conservation.  Classrooms that were able to, shut lights off and used natural light to fill the room.  Offices did the same as well.  Teachers that couldn't use natural light compromised with taking classes outside and using glow sticks.  Younger students were also able to dress down for free in green. Overall it was a great 1st Green Day !!

On Saturday, TEECS Vex IQ Elementary and Middle School Robotics team participated in an event  at Mountain Lakes High School.  Our team did an great job and was happy to learn from all the other teams there. Although we didn't place at this event, it was a great opportunity to learn from others and set our goals for the next event. 

TEECS held their B2S nights from Sept 19th - 21st.  Each night had assigned grades. Parents were able to meet their students teachers, get a tour of the classroom, understand the students daily routine and learn of the expectations and upcoming events in each grade.  It was a great few nights, meeting new parents, returning parents and new staff. 

 On Oct 31st, TEECS celebrated Halloween starting with Trunk or Treat for grades K-5.  The celebration continued on with class parties, fun activities in class and a school wide costume contest. Overall it was a great day!

During the month of September, TEECS students raised $2,198 to help the victims in Texas that were effected by Hurricane Harvey. The money raised was sent to United Way of Greater Houston . We are so proud of all our students who came together to help those in need during a devastating time. 


On Tuesday June 13th and Thursday June 15th TEECS Drama Club performed Annie Jr. Both nights were a huge success ! The students did an amazing job and were very proud to show us all their hard work this year. A big thank you to Ms. Sandman and Ms. Vigorito who helped the student get ready for this performance. Ms. Vigorito and Ms. Sandman played a hug role in the plays success !!