Christie Praises Charter Schools, TEECS, During Brief Township Visit

Saying that it’s the state’s obligation to “maximize” every child’s “God-given potential,” Gov. Chris Christie on May 16 said that New Jersey’s commitment to charter school expansion “will be strong” for at least the rest of his term. Christie made his statements at the Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School on Cortelyous Lane, after touring the school with its principal, Oguz Yildiz. Christie visited the school on the 20th anniversary of the enactment of legislation providing for charter schools in the state.

During his tour, Christie was told of the accomplishments of the school’s robotics team, as well as individual accomplishments by students in academic competitions and on standardized tests. Christie praised the school, its teachers and its students, noting that TEECS will move from its current, temporary home at Oak Crest Day Camp into a larger facility on Pierce Street. The move, Christie said, “will provide you with an opportunity to expand to a K-12 school” and expand its technology offerings. TEECS is currently a K-8 school.

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