Changing The Face Of Education In New Jersey

Today, Governor Christie is visiting the temporary location of the Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School (TEECS) in Franklin Township, Somerset County, to highlight his continued commitment to investing in innovative educational opportunities for all of New Jersey’s school children. Since the beginning of his administration, Governor Christie has demonstrated a commitment to investing in innovative, successful charter schools that outperform and exceed expectations at every level.

TEECS is a tuition-free K-7 charter school that will be relocating this fall to a new facility on Pierce Street in Somerset. It is dedicated to developing students’ academic, technical, personal and critical thinking skills that are necessary to meet the standards that will enable them to succeed in a changing economy predicated on knowledge and innovation. Their mission statement calls for all students to be green/renewable energy literate upon graduation making them the first K-7 school in the state to focus specifically on green/renewable energy. Over the past three years, Thomas Edison has a received a Tier Rank of 1, the highest rank possible, based on the standards of the Charter School Performance Framework. The educational success achieved by the students at TEECS only serves to reaffirm Governor Christie’s determination to ensuring that all of New Jersey’s students are provided with their best opportunity to succeed.

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