PTO Meeting Minutes from January

PTO Meeting Minutes

January 4th 2017


6:35 pm – Meeting begins. President’s Debrief.

v  Reviewed of minutes from last meeting:


Ø  Uniforms. Parents complained about Poor quality of uniforms. It shrinks and doesn’t even fit the kids after few months. Some parent suggested if we use Loraine’s Uniform Shop in Somerset.

Ms. Genteel informed that currently school management is not ready to change companies due to stage space. If someone can find a company that can handle the storage, then Mr. Yildiz is open for discussion on the same.


Ø  Few parents gave couple of fundraising ideas as below in the last meeting.

·       SCRIPP Fundraiser – they sell gift cards, % of proceeds go to school.

Our treasurer is in touch with this company, will update soon about this.

·       Online auctions (Nicole Haley will send the info).

Waiting for information from Ms. Haley


Ø  PTO proposed to the school to provide some healthy snacks for after care kids.

Since the count of kids is less in the aftercare, the best option would be to buy these snacks from Costco/BJs to provide to the aftercare kids. Will follow up on this.


v  Treasurer’s Report

Ø  Financial Report read out to the forum. Last month (Dec 2016) balance was $5212 and the current balance is 3878.52 + Inventory of shop merchandise worth $1121.50.

Expenses made last month:

·       Setup of Holiday Shop. Purchased tables exclusive for PTO events.

·       Cookies with Santa. Purchased Christmas Tree decorations.

·       Holiday gifts for Security, Helper and Administration Staff.


v  VP’s Report on Fund Raising.

Ø  A grand event for the year planned as TEECS Multi-Cultural Day on Feb 10th at Franklin High School. (6:00 pm – 10:00 pm). Look forward for Parents suggestions for corporate sponsors. Also, we would like Teachers and parents to take active participation in this event. We propose Every grade to perform to different cultures. An email will go out from Ms. Graf informing more details about this event. There will be a signup Genius set up for this event to get the head count of people attending the event.

Ø  Box tops Collection will be carried on till Jan 31st.  PTO thanks each and every parent who has put an effort in collecting and giving these box tops. Would request more parents to participate in this event. The final winner will be announced in Feb 2nd Newsletter.


Ø  Book drive has been moved from this month to March 2017.


v  Question/Answers from the forum.

Ø  A parent raised her concern that when any kid loses his/her jacket or any expensive stuff in the school, requests the school admin to acknowledge the follow up emails sent by parents.  If right away the parent brings this to the admin attention, the admin can probably make an announcement in the school to check if any kid has taken it by mistake. However, it is not possible for school to follow up on every lost and found item. Parents are requested to follow up on the same.


Ø  Few parents raised their concern that the club fees checks are not deposited for a long time. Ms. Genteel will try to look into this and speak to the person in charge for depositing the checks in time.


Ø  A parent bought up the concern to have more vegetarian options during lunch time. Ms. Genteel informed that the newly appointed school council and administration has come together and worked with the Cafeteria Staff to create more vegetarian options for the kids to order during lunch time. For eg, with a chicken burger, vegetarian kids will have option to order veg burger. The school council are also planning some theme based menus in the Cafeteria. More will be informed soon about the same.


Ø  A parent inquired if we can have fundraising option with Target since most of parents shop there. PTO will look into this.


Ø  A Parent from the forum suggested a fund raising idea. She will take the initiative to work on this. Parents will be requested to donated their kid’s uniforms that don’t fit their kids and are in good condition. PTO will sell it for a very nominal amount and make it affordable for parents interested in buying them. This will be planned during the next year’s orientation day.



v  Dress down date announced for January 6th for everyone who attended the meeting.


7:30 pm – Meeting concludes