The meeting minutes for Oct 5th 2016

The meeting minutes for Oct 5th 2016 

The dress down is on the following Friday for the people who attend the PTOMeeting 
Concerns from parents:
1. Parents want option of Spanish as 2nd language 
More over language vs language rather than language vs activity .
2. The buses running late or breakdown leaving kids stranded on the roads, leading to coming late to school and missing their tests.
3. PTO submitting the lunch forms for reduced lunches which requires to be filled by the parents irrespective of being used.
4. The parents require a survival guide designed by the PTO members  for the new comers.
5. The class pictures being very expensive and if there are any means to reduce the price.
6. Preparing a letter for the transportation department with all the signature of the parents who have concerns about busing.
7. Extended daycare for half day care by the PTO.
8. Orientation should be more informational as most of the parents were lost .
9. Clubs require a syllabus in order to make sure that the kids would be interested before enrolling so that the parents can avoid switching clubs .
10. Grandparents night with the students which required funds from the PTO.
11. Few kids have already got their NJ ASK results and many didn't get it.
12. Kids are too occupied when they get home with all the homework, even from the after school clubs, class homework, regular tests etc
Ideas for fund raising:
1. Parents night out.
2. Bake sale.
3. Coupon books.
4. Diwali party.
5. Invest in your child.
6. Boxtops.
7. Restaurant night.
8. Winter festival.
9. Plant sale.
10. Daycare during half days.